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Things I remember from Cinqo de Meier - tradewind6050 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Things I remember from Cinqo de Meier [May. 6th, 2007|11:04 pm]
1. We dragged AW home
2. going out to get more beer
3. kicking ass in beer pong
4. seeing waaaay too much skin
5. justin doing the "bat wing"
6. i got kevin with "the goat" he still needs to get kicked
7. sleeping on the grass...in the rain
8. Meier napping and coming around a second time
9. Justin was violated
10. Mayo on the dining room table
11. DDR after 12 or more shots
12. Patton volunteers to go to Bismarck to, "get off this godforsaken shit hole of an island."
13. I wrote my name on my cup and could almost never keep track of it
14. Night and Day, "beach bums vs....?"

Let's just say it was a really funny, fun night that was well worth the sharpie on my forearm for. I will keep adding to my list as I laugh outloud as I remember the subtleties of that night.